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FIRSTAR provides removable product based on digital systems and supports rapid maintenance through real-time monitoring.


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Smart power

The low voltage switchboard is equipped with smart automatic switching controller specialized in the history of railway, so that automatic switching can be done quickly and accurately when the power is cut off. It is a digital switchboard in which wireless temperature sensor and communication function are integrated. It is a next generation digital switchboard system that transmits automatic message.

The smart automatic switching controller is manufactured digitally, minimizing the wiring parts and eliminating the malfunction of the magnet contact and deterioration phenomenon. The maintenance is very simple, and the safety of the product is set by the automatic power switching controller specialized in the railroad history switchboard, It is the smart controller that focuses on immediate detection of problems such as power failure / return and phase loss, RS-485 communication function, simplification and standardization of facilities and interlock in self / passive mode. To control and improve accurate and stable power.

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